Our mission is to promote the unique integration of movement re-education and fascial hands-on technique inspired by Irmgard Bartenieff's work in Laban Movement Analysis and Bindegewebsmassage, through its continued development and through teaching.


  1. Education in the integration of movement and connective tissue therapies, and training of practitioners in the relevant techniques and methods.
  2. Training in the experiencing, observation, and understanding of movement patterning as essential to the balancing of energy between mind and body. 

Teaching principles:

  1. We seek to inculcate concern for the maintenance of personal wellbeing so that the practitioner, while fully attentive to the wellbeing of her client, will also be aware of her own movement patterning.
  2. We emphasize the teaching of efficient movement patterns.
  3. We teach the modulation of energy flow for optimal movement.